Core Team

CEO Randy van Brienen comes with strong leadership skills. He is equipped with invaluable organizational and strategic skills in today's business environment. Randy is a top sales with five years in succession, reaching the best sales figures and margin. He is very well-connected to the trading community in the Netherlands. Randy is the Co-Founder of Bitsliced LLC (GmbH).

CIO Chris Maehl received his Bachelor of Science with first-class honours from the Middlesex University in London. After his degree, he gained more than two years of experience in agencies in Germany and then launched his international freelance career as a developer, UI/UX designer, and advisor. In the last years, Chris helped out companies/ startups by creating and fine-tuning their app logic and collaborating with big brands. Chris is the Co-Founder of Bitsliced LLC (GmbH).

CSO Omar Nassar has a background in Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Blockchain, and Smart contract implementations. Omar will help us hedge against these markets' volatility and bring new ideas to the team about how we can maintain our community's happiness. He is also running a successful Crypto school where people are learning how to navigate the crypto space. Therefore, we will also be using him as a Community Manager. Omar is the Co-Founder of Bitsliced LLC (GmbH).

Our business analyst and sales specialist Emiel Hendriks has an invaluable international network of contacts invested in crypto, real estate, industrial and commercial projects. He has excellent communication skills and is part of our essential strategy to expand into different industries by acquiring key partnerships. His knowledge of the Swiss business environment is an added plus for the team.

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