Real Estate

Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) sees the actual value between Real Estate and Blockchain. On one side, we have what is, for most investors, a safe-haven investment (Real Estate); on the other side, we have the blockchain, a breakthrough technology that is taking over the world. Connecting both of these worlds is not easy, but thanks to our application and our partners, we will make it possible for users to purchase real estate property through our platform.

The Sliced app will offer the option for users to purchase properties through NFTs, which will be possible to achieve thanks to the partnerships we will announce in the future. Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is already working on a legal framework for these activities.

The partners will list their properties on the Sliced app, and they will be able to provide cashback up to 8%. After a purchase has been made, the real estate broker will contact the buyer through our channel function, and then they can discuss how to finish the real-world due diligence.

Bitsliced aims to store the proof of ownership for a real estate property into an SBT.

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