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Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is a tech firm established in what is known as “the Crypto Valley” in the Swiss canton of Zug. Many notable projects are settled here due to Switzerland’s advanced legal framework for crypto companies and the secure social and economic environment.

The team comprises members with an international background and decades of experience in entrepreneurship, development, and sales.

Name of Company:

Bitsliced LLC (GmbH)

Type of incorporation:

Limited Liability Company


Industriestrasse 24 CH-6300 Zug Switzerland

Company Registration Number:





+41 794 070 299

Social Media:


Randy van Brienen


Chris Maehl

Strategy Lead:

Omar Nassar

Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) is the creator of a new platform that allows the creation of digital certificates for real-world objects in the form of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). The App is being developed to work as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and a native system for iOS and Android. The core of the business is a full functioning economic system with its communities, crypto tokens, and a unique cashback system for market participants. Any real-world physical item can be represented on the blockchain and have a unique digital identity, making trading more accessible and a more transparent way to prove ownership.

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