Sliced app

The flagship product of Bitsliced is the NFT marketplace that goes beyond trading or buying crypto assets. We have envisioned a true quantum leap into what the blockchain can do for us in terms of value and quality of living!

The APP will combine a marketplace merged with a community of like-minded individuals who love to collect, exchange, share, and trade items.

Create digital representations of assets or art on the blockchain. The Sliced App allows official partners to use a simple minting process to create a digital version of real-world items in the form of a digital certificate. Imagine the endless possibilities this will open for you to trade items, sell across borders and create new revenue streams.

We created digital identities for ourselves through email, profiles, social media accounts, and other digital IDs. Now think about this. There is no universal identifier for the things we own. Our car. Our apartment. They exist in the physical space, but they don't have a "digital identity." Bitsliced created a clever way to give anything a "digital passport" and make it tradeable. We are building a bridge between the physical and the digital world, making true fractional ownership possible for any real-world item.

Digital Slices of Real World items

We need to have better digital identities to transact between people and entities. Preventing fraud and providing a secure way to exchange value.

What about the things we own? Our assets, like cars, houses, collectibles, art, or even an inherited watch? They have no digital identity! They might exist in the form of a title deed, but there is no uniform identifier for the things that are also part of our identity.

This is where the Sliced app comes in! Proof of ownership will be one of the essential aspects of Web3.0. We create digital NFT versions of any real-world item. The Sliced NFT is a certificate of trust.

Creating a digital representation of your assets is more than creating a mirror image. The NFT embeds crucial core data about the item: certifications, deeds, serial numbers, origins, manufacturer data, and complete ownership history, including past prices.

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