Sliced NFTs

The Sliced NFT System is a valid universal digital certificate that guarantees that underlying due diligence was concluded. Any real estate broker who mints a property to convert it into an NFT is creating a unique digital certificate that identifies the object and creates a seal of trust.

Bitsliced and its partners conclude all the due diligence steps and verify all the documents and legal procedures before the object is minted as an NFT. This due diligence is done at the broker level. Bitsliced will include a proprietary code to check and verify the integrity of this data. International real estate investors often have to check local regulations, verify if a property is up-to-date with tax payments, and if there are mortgages or other debts if the construction complies with all local regulations. Adding to this are difficulties with language barriers and local currency fluctuations.

In the future, an investor will check if there is a digital certificate in the form of a Sliced NFT on our platform and will know that all these documents and processes have been verified and successfully vetted. The transaction can be concluded within the platform using SLICED as the payment method. In this case, the investor is even shielded from currency fluctuations — a true revolution in international trade.

True cross-border transactions and trading of any object are only possible if there is trust. A Sliced NFT provides this level of transparency and trust!

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