SLICED function

SLICED was designed to function within the Sliced app. Community members can mint, swap, buy, and sell items using SLICED as a utility and payment token. Furthermore, special activities inside the app generate fees paid with SLICED. The blockchain network fees are paid in MATIC because SLICED resides on top of the popular Polygon network.

The most important key driver of the SLICED value proposition is the tokenization of real world assets. Bitsliced is in the process of closing framework contracts with partners in diverse industries like real estate and automotive distribution networks.

Market participants that buy an NFT pay 2.5% and then receive an immediate cashback of 1%. The rewards for holders will be 0.6%, after that we have a 0.5% allocation for Badge perks, and the remaining 0.4% will go to Bitsliced LLC (GmbH) for further ecosystem development. (See Business model)

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