High Profile Channels

NFT channels are a new approach to an established concept in social media platforms. We reinvented the way channels are used and even created. You can see them as your personal individualized space. Here is where you meet your tribe. You show your amazing collections. Channels are an exciting merger of a classic stock portfolio with a digital gallery, including social media aspects. Channels are also ways to profit financially. Create topical channels, and upload your NFTs to share with your followers. Discuss information about specific items. Start conversations about NFTs that you want to acquire or swap with other community members.

Imagine a channel dedicated to your favorite topic: Sports memorabilia! Give your channel a meaningful, fun name. Mint your baseball cards or other physical items and place them in your channel, like a digital shelf. Invite others to become part of the channel. Let others mint their collections and make money from the transaction fees. Discuss PokΓ©mon cards that you want to add to your collection. You are the portfolio manager and influencer at the same time.

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