Polygon - Layer 2 network characteristics

The Polygon platform operates using the Ethereum blockchain and connects Ethereum-based projects. Using the Polygon platform can increase the flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty of a blockchain project while still affording the security, interoperability, and structural benefits of the Ethereum blockchain.

Another aspect was the need for high-speed transactions with a low gas fee structure. Polygon uses a modified proof-of-stake mechanism that enables transactions to be processed quickly and cheaply.

Currently, the top transaction speed of the Polygon network reaches a maximum of 10.000 transactions per second. Theoretically, this number will be scalable to millions of transactions per second once the Ethereum network forks into what is known as Ethereum 2.0.

Polygon has reached a remarkable milestone with over 7.000 dApps and, therefore, even surpassing the underlying daily transaction volume of Ethereum.

The depth and breadth of Polygon are growing at a fast pace. Some of the most renowned crypto projects run or use Polygon to scale or develop. Decentraland, Valuables, Aave, Sandbox, Opensea, Uniswap. Another significant milestone was the integration of Polygon into the Wirex - a leading payment platform with over 4.5 million users and access to 81 million retailers in over 130 countries!

The Bitsliced Development Team decided to build SLICED on Polygon after considering the potential for future growth and the power to scale our token with low fees for the community.

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