How are we connecting Real Estate to the blockchain?

Most of you might be asking how we are going to do this. While we are going to explain how we do it, we won't be disclosing much, as we don't want our idea to be copied.

We are developing a GTM (go-to-market) strategy for Dubai, as that market will be one of the first we will target. Our partners will be listing their properties in our Sliced app. However, before they do so, the properties that will get listed on our platform will have to follow a strict set of rules, such as the property has to be audited by one of the 25 approved auditors by the RERA in the UAE. This document shows how many renovations have been made and how many owners the property had before the listing.

Aside from the above, we will sign contracts with our partners where we describe the rules above, our NFT bound with the property, and more. We are taking these steps to protect all three parties, our partners, us (Bitsliced), and the most important one, our users/community.

More info regarding our partners' properties, regulations that must be followed, and steps to purchase these properties through our platform will be out before these activities can take place on our marketplace.

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