Smart cashback utility combined with crypto

We reinvented the traditional cashback system and adapted it to our crypto ecosystem. Each purchase transaction within the platform is immediately rewarded with 1% cashback. This can quickly amount to a severe sum of crypto tokens that can be reinvested or compounded. Real estate transactions can have rewards of up to 8% cashback (depending on the partner broker you choose). Every real estate purchase has a guaranteed 1% cashback function built into the purchase process. Imagine buying a property and receiving cash to pay for ongoing maintenance, taxes, and other property-related costs.

Once the app goes live, we will also introduce you to the Bitsliced Debit Card. This card will collect your fees, rewards, staking profits, and SLICED token purchases. You can then use the card at your local coffee shop or supermarket or book a vacation, which will give you further cashback options. A convenient way to earn and spend cryptocurrencies, all backed up by a sound economic model!

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