SBTs (Soulbound tokens)

The Sliced app will have a badging system integrated as SBTs. With these Sliced badges, members of the app will get particular perks within the ecosystem. By trading a certain amount of volume on the platform, buying a charity NFT, holding a passive income NFT, holding the hottest collection, etc., users will receive a badge in return.

For the channel feature, Bitsliced will provide through the SBT technology the proof of membership. SBTs work here incredibly well because of their nature. SBTs are tokens/NFTs that can not be transferred. Therefore, when users receive these badges, they won't be able to trade them, as these badges are assigned per account. In case of a misunderstanding or the user selling a specific item (the hottest NFT or the charity NFT), these badges can/will be retrieved by the issuer, Bitsliced LLC (GmbH). SBTs have the potential of becoming a certificate of ownership (and many other things) residing on the blockchain. As more information regarding the Soulbound tokens technology comes out, we will follow it closely to add functionalities to our ecosystem.

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